The Swoove API uses Personal access tokens to authenticate requests.

You can view and manage your access tokens in the Business Dashboard of your business account.

API requests are authenticated using the APP Key. To authenticate a request, provide the APP key in the route of the request to make the API call as query.

API keys are divided into 2 section which is the Production Key and Testing Key

In development mode you use the testing key and production key in production mode.

There is also section where you can add callbacks in this case the callback are set to expect a response from swoove for a successful request

Please be sure to keep your API access tokens secure! Do not share them in emails, chat messages, client-side code or publicly accessible sites.

If you have accidentally shared an API access token publicly, you can generate a new one in the Business Dashboard of your account by selecting the setting option then API Keys & Callbacks and click on Generate App Key button.

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