Swoove's open API is a reliable delivery route optimization software that assists businesses in managing their deliveries effectively. It offers a user-friendly and scalable API that can be easily integrated into existing systems.

Among the frequently used APIs are "create estimate" and "create delivery routes". The former helps businesses determine the cost of their deliveries, while the latter helps them plan and optimize their delivery routes.

By integrating with Google Maps, businesses can pinpoint the exact location of each delivery dropoff and pickup address. This route optimization software ensures that the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is adhered to, emergencies are promptly handled, and delays or failed deliveries are avoided.


What are servers?

Servers are powerful computers that store and share information, making it accessible to users over the Internet. They facilitate the functionality of websites, apps, and other digital services by handling user requests and delivering data.

The way servers work is quite simple. When a user requests information through a website or app, the server receives and processes the request.

This may involve retrieving information from a database, performing calculations, or executing specific instructions based on the request.

Once the server has processed the request, it sends a response back to the user's device over the Internet. The response may be a webpage, an image, or any other data that meets the user's request.

Servers are designed to handle multiple requests simultaneously, ensuring that many users can access information and services concurrently while providing a smooth and reliable user experience. As such, servers are responsible for storing and managing data, processing requests, and delivering responses efficiently. And reliable user experience.

There are two servers currently available in the Swoove API.

Two APIs are commonly used:

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